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Dark Houndoom - Neo Destiny (N4)

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Card Number / Rarity:007/105 / Holo Rare

Card Type / HP / Stage:Fire / 60 / Stage 1

Attack 1:[1] Eerie Howl
If your opponent's Bench isn't full, look at his or her hand. If your opponent has any Baby Pokémon or Basic Pokémon there, choose 1 of them and put it on his or her Bench. Then, switch it with the Defending Pokémon.

Attack 2:[1R] Dark Fire (30+)
If there are any Darkness Energy cards attached to Dark Houndoom, discard 1 of them and this attack does 30 damage plus 20 more damage (plus 10 more for the Darkness Energy you discarded). If there aren't any, this attack does 30 damage.

Weakness / Resistance / Retreat Cost:W / / 1

Dark Houndoom - Neo Destiny (N4)
Dark Houndoom - Neo Destiny (N4) Sale price$110.00