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Ledian (H14) - Skyridge (SK)

Sale price$110.00

Ledian (H14) - Skyridge (SK)

Product Details

Card Number / Rarity:H14/H32 / Holo Rare

Card Type / HP / Stage:Grass / 70 / Stage 1

Attack 1:[1] Pollen Shield (10)
During your opponent's next turn, Ledian can't become affected by a Special Condition. (Any other effect of attacks, Poké-Powers, Poké-Bodies, and Trainer cards still happen.)

Attack 2:[1GG] Swift (50)
This attack's damage isn't affected by Weakness, Resistance, Poké-Powers, Poké-Bodies, or any other effects on the Defending Pokémon.

Weakness / Resistance / Retreat Cost:R / / 0

Ledian (H14) - Skyridge (SK)
Ledian (H14) - Skyridge (SK) Sale price$110.00