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Lugia VSTAR - Silver Tempest (SIT) #202

Sale price$110.00

Embark on a journey into the Pokémon realm with this meticulously crafted replica of the Lugia VSTAR card from the Silver Tempest series. This faithful recreation pays homage to Lugia, capturing the essence of the original SIT #202 artwork.

Product Details:

  • Materials: Premium-quality cardstock/paper (Specify materials used)
  • Design: Expertly recreated to mirror the intricate details of the SIT #202 card artwork
  • Display: Suitable for framing or protective sleeves (not included)
  • Limited Edition: Individually crafted for exclusivity and authenticity
  • Packaging: Carefully packaged for safe and secure delivery

Celebrate the majesty and power of Lugia with this stunning replica card. An ideal addition to any Pokémon collector's assortment or a captivating display piece.

Perfect for:

  • Pokémon card collectors and enthusiasts
  • Fans of Lugia and Pokémon VSTAR cards
  • Home decor or office display
  • Unique and thoughtful gifts for Pokémon aficionados
Lugia VSTAR - Silver Tempest (SIT) #202
Lugia VSTAR - Silver Tempest (SIT) #202 Sale price$110.00