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Magcargo Reprint Bundle Lot of 2 - Skyridge

Sale price$75.00

Ignite your passion for fiery Pokémon with the Magcargo Reprint Bundle Lot! This exclusive bundle features two scorching Pokémon TCG cards, showcasing the molten power of Magcargo, the Fire/Rock-type Pokémon known for its intense heat and volcanic might. From the captivating Skyridge set, this collection celebrates Magcargo's blazing strength. Add these sizzling cards to your collection and witness the unstoppable force of Magcargo in your Pokémon battles.

Bundle Contents:

Magcargo - Skyridge Reprint: Explore the depths of Magcargo's fiery potential in the Skyridge expansion! This card captures the volcanic essence of Magcargo, showcasing its Magma Mantle ability and featuring the captivating artwork of the Skyridge series.

Magcargo - Skyridge Bonus Reprint Card: As a special bonus, this bundle includes an additional Magcargo card from the Skyridge set! Embrace the surprise and excitement as you discover the alternate version of this powerful Pokémon.

Both cards in this Magcargo Reprint Bundle Lot are in excellent condition. Each card has been carefully preserved to ensure they retain their quality and charm. Please note that these are reprint cards, perfect for collectors and fans who appreciate the fiery power of Magcargo without the premium price of original editions.

Magcargo Reprint Bundle Lot of 2 - Skyridge
Magcargo Reprint Bundle Lot of 2 - Skyridge Sale price$75.00