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Pokemon Snap Cards Complete Collection: *Custom Cards*

Sale price$165.00

Capture the essence of the beloved Pokemon Snap game with this unique collection of 10 custom proxy cards featuring iconic moments from the world of Pokemon Snap! Each card showcases a snapshot taken in the Lental region, expertly printed onto genuine Pokemon trading card blanks. While the images might possess a charmingly nostalgic blur to mimic the in-game photography style, these cards are an absolutely fantastic addition to any collector's trove.


Set of 10 custom proxy cards inspired by Pokemon Snap
High-quality images captured directly from the Lental region
Printed on authentic Pokemon trading card stock
Each card measures standard Pokemon TCG size
Ideal for collectors, enthusiasts, and Pokemon fans of all ages
Limited availability, so seize the opportunity to own a piece of Pokemon Snap nostalgia
Capture Memorable Moments:
Relive the magic of Pokemon Snap as you explore these custom proxy cards, each featuring a distinct snapshot of a Pokemon in its natural habitat. While the images might have a touch of blur to emulate the game's unique photographic style, they remain a delightful homage to the cherished world of Pokemon photography.

Uniquely Crafted:
Carefully selected and crafted, these proxy cards are designed to fit seamlessly into any Pokemon card collection. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a newer fan, these cards offer a novel twist on traditional Pokemon TCG cards, providing a glimpse into the captivating world of Pokemon Snap.

Perfect for Collectors:
Add a dash of creativity and nostalgia to your Pokemon card collection with this set of 10 custom proxy cards. These cards make for great conversation starters among fellow collectors and are an exceptional way to pay homage to the classic Pokemon Snap experience.


These cards are proxy cards and not official Pokemon TCG cards.
The images are intentionally styled to reflect the aesthetic of Pokemon Snap.
Limited stock available, so don't miss out on this unique opportunity!
Whether you're a long-time Pokemon Snap fan, a dedicated TCG collector, or simply someone who enjoys unique and creative additions to their collection, this set of 10 custom proxy cards is an excellent way to merge the worlds of photography and Pokemon! Don't wait—capture these moments today and preserve the spirit of Pokemon Snap in your collection.

Pokemon Snap Cards Complete Collection: *Custom Cards*
Pokemon Snap Cards Complete Collection: *Custom Cards* Sale price$165.00